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|Finanziert von=BW
|Finanziert von=Land BaWü
|Person=Lukas König, Fredy Rios,  
|Person=Lukas König, Fredy Rios,
|Forschungsgruppe=Effiziente Algorithmen
|Forschungsgruppe=Effiziente Algorithmen

Aktuelle Version vom 12. Februar 2020, 09:42 Uhr


Deep Learning in Evolutionary Robotics

Kontaktperson: Lukas König

Projektstatus: abgeschlossen


The project aims at connecting the promising results achieved recently in Deep Learning with the complementary view on AI given by the theory of embodiment in Evolutionary Robotics. The project's goals are to establish a theoretical DL framework for ER, to study the requirements of objective quality metrics (benchmarks etc., particularly to measure "complexity") in this specific context, and to eventually evolve behaviors of higher complexity than the state of the art in ER.

Involvierte Personen
Lukas KönigFredy Rios


von: 1 Januar 2017
bis: 30 März 2018
Finanzierung: Land BaWü


Effiziente Algorithmen



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