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Authoring and Publishing Linked Open Film-Analytical Data

Authoring and Publishing Linked Open Film-Analytical Data

Published: 2018 Dezember

Buchtitel: Proc. 21st International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management 2018 (EKAW 2018)
Ausgabe: 2262
Seiten: 65-68
Verlag: CEUR Workshop Proceedings

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Exploiting Linked Open Data for the annotation of audiovisual patterns in film-analytical studies provides significant advantages,such as the non-ambiguous use of language as well as the possibilityto publish and to reuse valuable data. On the other hand, film scholars typically lack the know-how to cope with semantic annotations and, moreover, most software for annotating audio-visual material does not provide means to enter semantic annotations directly. The project presented in this paper aims to provide an ontology for film-analytical studies complemented by a video annotation software adapted for authoring and publishing Linked Open Data by non-experts.

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