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|Forschungsgruppe=Web Science
|Forschungsgruppe=Web Science
|name=Linked Crunchbase
|name=Linked Crunchbase
|short description EN=Linked Data API & RDF Dataset of Crunchbase
|short description EN=Linked Data API & RDF Dataset of Crunchbase

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Linked Crunchbase

Linked Data API & RDF-Datensatz von Crunchbase

Kontaktperson: Michael Färber


Forschungsgruppe: Web Science


Crunchbase is an online platform collecting information about startups and technology companies, including attributes and relations of companies, people, and investments. By means of linked-crunchbase.org, we bring Crunchbase to the Web of Data so that its data can be used in the machine-readable format RDF by anyone on the Web. Overall, we provide the following items: 1. a Linked Data API for Crunchbase; 2. instructions how to collect Crunchbase data in RDF via crawling; 3. mappings from Crunchbase to other knowledge graphs.

Involvierte Personen
Michael FärberCarsten MenneAndreas Harth