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Dr. Michael Färber

Research Associate
Phone: +49 721 608 465 92
Email: michael faerber∂kit edu

Research Group: Web Science
Room: 5A-15 (Building: 05.20)


Michael Färber is a postdoctoral researcher with an assistant professorship role in Prof. Dr. York Sure-Vetter's Web Science group at the Institute AIFB of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, since April 2019.


Michael's research interests are in

  • natural language processing,
  • machine learning, and
  • knowledge representation (e.g., Semantic Web).

His current main focus is on scholarly data mining. More information can be found at his homepage and on Google Scholar.

Recently developed demonstration systems:

Recently created data sets:

Open Positions and Theses

Open student assistant job (Hiwi) in the area of machine learning, natural language processing, and/or Semantic Web technologies: [1] Further student assistant job in collaboration with the ZKM: [2]

Current calls for Bachelor/Master thesis:

Thema4420Wie fair sind Forscher? Eine Analyse von Zerrungen bzgl. Zitaten in wissenschaftlichen Publikationen
Thema4421Implementing an Approach for Linking Text to the Knowledge Graph Wikidata
Thema4423Automatically Recommending Citations for Texts Using Neural Networks
Thema4480Entwicklung einer Suchmaschine für Datensätze
Thema4482How Do Successful Startups Look Like? Predicting the Success of Startups and Tech Companies
Thema4520Learning Machine Learning-based Embeddings for Entities, States, and Events
Thema4554Google, Microsoft, & Co. – How Big is the Influence of Enterprises on Computer Science Research?

All topics are open to English and German speaking students.

Many of the thesis topics can also be written at a partner institution abroad (e.g. in Japan, Italy, France) and funded by the DAAD, given that the application is made one year in advance. More information under Web_Science/DAAD-Stipendium/en.


Active Projects

AI in Peacemaking

External Link: https://mediatingmachines.com/



External Link: https://digilog-bw.de


Entwicklung eines Verlinkungsframeworks

ProData Logo JPG.JPG.png


External Link: http://www.pro-data.org

Research area
Semantic Search, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Semantical Annotation, Information Extraction, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Discovery, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Semantic Web

KIT Functions and Competence Field

Cognition and Information Engineering