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|Forschungsgruppe=Effiziente Algorithmen
|Forschungsgruppe=Effiziente Algorithmen
|Partner=Paris Sud 11, Imperial College London, KTH Stockholm, Siemens AG
|Partner=Paris Sud 11, Imperial College London, KTH Stockholm, Siemens AG
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Annual Smart Energy Systems Summer School

Kontaktperson: Hartmut SchmeckChristian Gitte


Projektstatus: aktiv
Projekt: EIT Digital


Students from different backgrounds will follow courses from experts of different fields on the common topic of technical management (including economical aspects as real-time market) of Smart Grids. The multidisciplinary nature of Smart Grids currently prevents students to receive a so broad training. Current programs only address part of the topics, without bringing together power systems, control systems, computer sciences and telecommunications. The present mechanism will represent a milestone in the way of developing Smart Energy System as a field.

Fourth edition upcoming in summer 2014.
Registration will open spring!

Check www.eitictlabs.eu!

SES Summer School Group Picture

2011. Stockholm + Paris.
2012. London + Karlsruhe. Leaflet
2013. Berlin + Paris.
2014. Stockholm + Karlsruhe

... with speakers from EIT ICT Labs and KIC InnoEnergy!

Involvierte Personen
Hartmut SchmeckChristian Gitte


bis: k.A.
Finanzierung: EU


Paris Sud 11, Imperial College London, KTH Stockholm, Siemens AG


Effiziente Algorithmen


SES Summer School (Energieinformatik)


Energy Smart Home Lab

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