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2020-06-06: Research group Web Science awarded at ESWC 2020
2020-04-22: Ms. Dr.-Ing. Maribel Acosta took over substitute professorship
2020-03-05: York Sure-Vetter appointed Director of National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)
2019-07-12: Interview with Philipp Zehnder in "Industrial Pioneers"
2019-05-10: Prof. Dr. York Sure-Vetter appointed to Foresight Future Circle of the BMBF
2018-10-11: Semantic Web Outstanding Paper Award 2018 for Researchers from our "Web Science" group
2018-08-28: Top ranking for startup Zana at NOAH18 in Berlin
2018-06-04: University places at the University of Newcastle (Australia)
2018-04-01: KIT releases monumental dataset of more than 15 trillion triples
2017-12-13: Doctoral Dissertation Award for Dr.-Ing. Dominik Riemer
2017-07-07: AIFB wins Ted Nelson Newcomer Award at ACM Hypertext 2017
2016-10-24: Best Paper Award and Best Reviewer Award for Researchers from the Research Group of Prof. Studer and Prof. Sure-Vetter
2016-10-04: Move of research group "Web Science and Knowledge Management"
2016-03-22: Markus Krötzsch wins Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Preis 2016
2015-11-24: "Admission oracle" for medicine
2015-10-15: Lei Zhang et al. win second place in the Semantic Web Challenge at ISWC 2015
2015-10-11: Maribel Acosta wins Best Student Paper Award at K-Cap 2015
2015-09-16: Nachwuchsgruppe von Achim Rettinger in der aktuellen Ausgabe der lookKIT
2015-07-11: Steffen Thoma gets Faculty Award 2015
2015-05-09: Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad for Lei Zhang