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Entwicklung einer Konzeption zur Förderung einer nachhaltigen Implementierung von Lean Projekten an internationalen Produktionsstandorten der Daimler AG

Bastian Böker

Information on the Thesis

Type of Final Thesis: Diplom
Supervisor: Detlef SeeseOliver Schöll
Research Group: Complexity Management

Archive Number: 3.438
Status of Thesis: Completed
Date of start: 2012-04-01
Date of submission: 2012-09-30

Further Information

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The focus of this work is the extraction and analysis of internal links in Wikipedia, so-called Wikilinks. These Wikilinks connect articles with related topics in the different language versions of Wikipedia and can be a vaulable source of information about the diversity within and between different language versions of Wikipedia. A simple example would be to recognize the possibility that some articles does not exist in one language version of Wikipedia, although they exists in a variety of languages and thus a strong indication exists that the corresponding language versions are incomplete in these cases. Here, the diversity would be used by the Wikipedia to uncover thematic weaknesses of individual Wikipedias. In this work such and further other patterns should be found within and between language versions and analyzed using the information on Wikilinks and possibly other Wikipedia-specific information.

The aim of this work is among other things, - The extraction of information on language links - Finding and exploring approaches and to identify patterns of diversity in one language version, and between the language versions of Wikipedia - The development of an appropriate visualization - Automating the extraction and analysis process

In the background of this work is the research project RENDER. The project RENDER deals with the development of methods, software and data models to take advantage of the diversity of the Web as a source of innovation and creativity. It seeks to further developments in the management of large data sets and provide the development of new algorithms that represent the diversity in terms of selection, the hierarchy, the representation and use of information.