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Applied Informatics = Understanding, Designing, Managing Application Systems

The Institute AIFB (Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods) is dedicated to business-oriented Informatics research and education, enabling students to receive the qualifications that are needed for the professional development of software systems, information products, and information services. Our main focus is put on applications supporting business and production processes, in particular those using innovative information and communication technologies.

In our view Applied Informatics is the systematic engineering of application systems by applying adequate methods of analysis and modeling to make complex systems understandable and manageable.

The Institute was founded in 1971 at the School of Economics and Business Engineering of the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, and has since then been responsible for the education in Informatics within the renowned program of Business Engineering at Karlsruhe as well as the program of Economics Engineering. Additionally, it offers courses for the students of Business Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, and of the recently created program of Information Engineering and Management.

To improve the transfer of knowledge and technology between science, business, and public administration, members and graduates of the Institute AIFB founded the "Verein Angewandte Informatik Karlsruhe" (Association of Applied Informatics Karlsruhe, AIK e.V.). Twice a year, the AIK e.V. and the Institue AIFB jointly organise a symposium on new developments in Informatics that are of current interest to industry.

Furthermore, the Institute AIFB is engaged in advanced professional training.

In research and development, the Institute AIFB develops, improves, and applies methods for analysing, modeling, and engineering application systems, information products, and information services with the aim of providing innovative solutions.