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Publikationen von Andreas Schoknecht

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Andreas Schoknecht, Tom Thaler, Peter Fettke, Andreas Oberweis, Ralf Laue
Similarity of Business Process Models - A State-of-the-Art Analysis
ACM Computing Surveys, 50, (4), 2017

Andreas Schoknecht, Andreas Oberweis
LS3: Latent Semantic Analysis-based Similarity Search for Process Models
EMISA Journal, 12, (2), 2017

Andreas Schoknecht, Gunther Schiefer, Murat Citak, Andreas Oberweis
Security-by-Design in der Cloud-Anwendungsentwicklung
HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 53, (5), Seiten 688-697, Oktober, 2016

Agnes Koschmider, Michael Fellmann, Andreas Schoknecht, Andreas Oberweis
Analysis of Process Model Reuse: Where Are We Now, Where Should We Go From Here?
Decision Support Systems, 2014

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Michael Fellmann, Agnes Koschmider, Ralf Laue, Andreas Schoknecht, Arthur Vetter
A Taxonomy and Repository of Business Process Modelling Patterns
22nd European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, ACM

Michael Fellmann, Peter Fettke, Constantin Houy, Peter Loos, Andreas Oberweis, Andreas Schoknecht, Michael Striewe, Tom Thaler, Meike Ullrich
Evaluation automatisierter Ansätze für die Bewertung von Modellierungsaufgaben
Die e-Learning Fachtagung Informatik (DeLFI), GI, September, 2016

Tom Thaler, Andreas Schoknecht, Peter Fettke, Andreas Oberweis, Ralf Laue
A Comparative Analysis of Business Process Model Similarity Measures
1st International Workshop on Process Querying, Springer, September, 2016

Andreas Schoknecht, Nicolai Fischer, Andreas Oberweis
Process Model Search using Latent Semantic Analysis
1st International Workshop on Process Querying, Springer, September, 2016

Meike Ullrich, Andreas Schoknecht
(Business Process) Models from an Educational Perspective
Proceedings of the 8th Central European Workshop on Services and their Composition, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Januar, 2016

Agnes Koschmider, Kathrin Figl, Andreas Schoknecht
A Comprehensive Overview of Visual Design of Process Model Element Labels
4th International Workshop on the Theory and Application of Visualizations and Human‐centric Aspects in Processes, Springer, August, 2015

Goncalo Antunes, Marzieh Bakhshandeh, Jose Borbinha, Joao Cardoso, Sharam Dadashnia, Chiara Di Francescomarino, Mauro Dragoni, Peter Fettke, Avigdor Gal, Chiara Ghidini, Philip Hake, Abderrahmane Khiat, Christopher Klinkmüller, Elena Kuss, Henrik Leopold, Peter Loos, Christian Meilicke, Tim Niesen, Catia Pesquita, Timo Péus, Andreas Schoknecht, Eitam Sheetrit, Andreas Sonntag, Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Tom Thaler, Ingo Weber, Matthias Weidlich
The Process Model Matching Contest 2015
Tagungsband EMISA 2015, Seiten: 127-155, GI, September, 2015

Michael Fellmann, Agnes Koschmider, Andreas Schoknecht
Analysis of Process Model Reuse Literature: Are Research Concepts Empirically Validated?
Modellierung 2014, GI, März, 2014

Agnes Koschmider, Andreas Oberweis, Andreas Schoknecht, Meike Ullrich
Towards an Open Process Model Repository for Evaluations in Business Process Management Research
Free Models Initiative 2014 - Workshop at „Modellierung 2014“https://www.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/giese/gforge/fmi14/

Timm Caporale, Murat Citak, Jonas Lehner, Andreas Oberweis, Andreas Schoknecht, Meike Ullrich
Repository Platform for Motivating Education
Proceedings of the 19th EUNIS Congress „ICT Role for Next Generation Universities”, European Universities Information Systems, Riga, Juni, 2013

Timm Caporale, Murat Citak, Jonas Lehner, Andreas Schoknecht, Meike Ullrich
Social BPM Lab - Characterization of a collaborative approach for Business Process Management education
In IEEE, Workshop on Social Business Process Management (SBM 2013), Part of the 2013 IEEE 15th Conference on Business Informatics (CBI), Seiten: 367-373, IEEE Computer Society, Wien, Juli, 2013

Hans-Georg Fill, Susan Hickl, Dimitris Karagiannis, Andreas Oberweis, Andreas Schoknecht
A Formal Specification of the Horus Modeling Language Using FDMM
In Rainer Alt and Bogdan Franczyk, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI2013), Seiten: 1165 - 1179, Merkur-Verlag, Februar, 2013

Timm Caporale, Murat Citak, Jonas Lehner, Andreas Schoknecht, Andreas Oberweis, Meike Ullrich
Motivating Course Concept: Using Active Labs for BPM Education
Proceedings of the 21st European Conference on Information Systems, Association for Information Systems, Utrecht, Juni, 2013

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Andreas Schoknecht, Arthur Vetter, Hans-Georg Fill, Andreas Oberweis
Using the Horus Method for Succeeding in Business Process Engineering Projects
Springer, Juli, 2016

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Stella Möhrle, Andreas Schoknecht, Wolfgang Raskob, Andreas Oberweis
Ontology-Based Retrieval for Cased-Based Decision Support in Nuclear Emergency Management
Poster, Mai, 2015

Michael Fellmann, Patrick Delfmann, Agnes Koschmider, Ralf Laue, Henrik Leopold, Andreas Schoknecht
Semantic Technology in Business Process Modeling and Analysis. Part II: Domain Patterns and (Semantic) Process Model Elicitation
EMISA Forum, August, 2015

Michael Fellmann, Patrick Delfmann, Agnes Koschmider, Ralf Laue, Henrik Leopold, Andreas Schoknecht
Semantic Technology in Business Process Modeling and Analysis. Part I: Matching, Modeling Support, Correctness and Compliance
EMISA Forum, Januar, 2015

Ugur Cayoglu, Andreas Oberweis, Andreas Schoknecht, Meike Ullrich
Triple-S: A Matching Approach for Petri Nets on Syntactic, Semantic and Structural level
Model Matching Contest at the 4th Int. Workshop on Process Model Collections: Management and Reuse, August, 2013

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