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Recommendation-based Editor for Business Process Modeling

Recommendation-based Editor for Business Process Modeling

Veröffentlicht: 2011 Juni

Journal: Data & Knowledge Engineering
Nummer: 6
Seiten: 483-503
Verlag: Elsevier
Volume: 70

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To ensure proper and efficient modeling of business processes, it is important to support users of process editors adequately. With minimal modeling support, the productivity of novice business process modelers may be low when starting process modeling. In this article, we present a theoretically sound and empirically validated recommendation-based modeling support system, which covers different aspects of business process modeling. We consider basic functionality, such as an intuitive search interface, as well as advanced concepts like patterns observed in other users' preferences. Additionally, we propose a multitude of interaction possibilities with the recommendation system, e.g., different metrics that can be used in isolation or an overall recommender component that combines several sub metrics into one comprehensive score. We validate a prototype implementation of the recommendation system with exhaustive user experiments based on real-life process models. To our knowledge, this is the only comprehensive recommendation system for business process modeling that is available.

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