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Virtual Research Environment SMW-CorA and its Capacities for Interaction in Social Science and Humanties Research – Using the Example of History of Education (received best paper award)

Published: 2013 März
Herausgeber: H.-C. Hobohm
Buchtitel: Informationswissenschaft zwischen virtueller Infrastruktur und materiellen Lebenswelten. Tagungsband des 13. Internationalen Symposiums der Informationswissenschaft
Verlag: vwh
Erscheinungsort: Glückstadt

Referierte VeröffentlichungNote: International Symposium of Information Science. Best paper award


This paper describes the realization of the Virtual Research Environment „Semantic MediaWiki for Collaborative Corpora Analysis“ (SMW-CorA), which targets research in the fields of humanities and social sciences. The research community of „history of education” is used as a starting point for an exemplary design and an intended future distribution across disciplinary boundaries. This project alignment offers the possibility to articulate actual interactions with research data and to design capacities for interactions in a Virtual Research Environment in a participatory and agile way. On the other hand, concrete added values can be identified by involving a specialized research library and technological components are realized which can subsequently be used in other research communities. Three aspects of the Virtual Research Environment will be illustrated.

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