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Vorträge von Caslav Bozic

Caslav Bozic
News Analytics and Text Sentiment Visualization in Finance
SYMOPIS, 38. Symposium on Operational Research,  Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade
Zlatibor,  5.10.2011

Caslav Bozic
News Analytics: Exploring Predictive Power of Aggregated Text Sentiment Measure
Annual Paris Conference on Money, Economy and Management,  World Business Institute Australia
Paris,  15.7.2011

Caslav Bozic
Neural Networks for Sentiment Detection in Financial Text
14th International Business Research Conference,  World Business Institute Australia
Dubai,  28.4.2011

Caslav Bozic
Data Integration: Financial Domain-Driven Approach
34th Annual Conference of the German Classification Society (GfKl),  German Classification Society (GfKl)
Karlsruhe,  22.7.2010

Caslav Bozic
Benchmarking Framework for Financial Text Mining
EURO XXIV - 24th European Conference on Operational Research,  EURO - Association of European Operational Research Societies
Lisbon,  14.7.2010

Caslav Bozic
FINDS - Integrative services
KIT PhD Symposium 2009,  Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Karlsruhe,  18.3.2009