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Integrated Knowledge Workbench

Heiko HallerMax VölkelAndreas Abecker, Brian Davis, Henrik Edlund, Kristina Groth, Rosa Gudjonsdottir, Mikhail Kotelnikov, Pär Lannerö, Sinna Lindquist, Mikhail Sogrin, Yngve Sundblad, Bosse Westerlund, Laura Dragan, Simon Scerri, Alexander Schutz, Pradeep Varma

Published: 2009 Januar
Type: Project Deliverable
Nummer: 1.3
Institution: FZI - Forschungszentrum Informatik
BibTex-ID: nepomuk:deliverable:D13:IntegratedKnowledgeWorkbench


The "Social Semantic Desktop" project NEPOMUK1 , that has been going on for three years (2006-2008) has now reached its end. This deliverable reports the achievements of the third and final year of NEPOMUK's work package 1 named "Knowledge Articulation and Visualisation". Previous work in this work-package has been described in the deliverables D1.1 "Semantic Wiki Prototypes" (Kotelnikov, Polonsky, Kiesel, V¨olkel, Haller, Sogrin, Lanner¨o & Davis 2006), D1.2 "Conceptual Data Structure Tools" (V¨olkel, Haller, Bolinder, Davis, Edlund, Groth, Gudjons- dottir, Kotelnikov, Lanner¨o, Lundquist, Sogrin, Sundblad & Westerlund 2008) and D1.4 "Design methods and work process" (Lindquist, Gudjonsdottir, Westerlund, Groth, Sundblad & Bogdan 2008) and many additional publications referred to in these deliverables. The multitude of tools described in D1.2 "Conceptual Data Structure Tools", has been integrated more tightly - with one another and with the NEPOMUK back- end services: Some have been integrated into the rich and monolithic NEPOMUK application framework PSEW, some have fused into small stand-alone applications that all connect to the NEPOMUK back-end to integrate and share their contents with other NEPOMUK components.

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Wissensmanagementsysteme, Semantische Annotation, Web Science, Semantische Suche, Wissensrepräsentation, Semantische Annotierung