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D2.3.2 Practical Methods to Support Collaborative Ontology Design (V2)

Wim Peters, Aldo Gangemi, Valentina Presutti, Dunja Mladenic, Raul Palma, Klaas Dellschaft, Alessandro Adamou, Enrico Daga, Holger LewenMichael Erdmann, Anne Becker

Published: 2009 Februar
Type: NeOn Project Deliverable
Nummer: D2.3.2
Institution: University of Sheffield / Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
BibTex-ID: NeOn_D2.3.2


This deliverable introduces two new tools for collaborative design that have been recently added to the NeOn palette in WP2 research development activities (COAT and SocialOnto). It also contains lightweight formal descriptions of existing tools for collaborative design, which come from heterogeneous requirements, approaches, and NeOn work packages. These lightweight descriptions receive formal owl definitions in C-ODO Light format (see Deliverable 2.1.2 for a detailed description). Their alignment with the C-ODO Light framework enables a uniform interface for tool selection and workflow definition, implemented by the Kali-ma plug-in. This will equip the NeOn Toolkit with a design-oriented, rather than language-oriented user interface, and aims at facilitating the integration of existing NeOn Toolkit plug-ins in anticipation of their use in a collaborative context, for which Kali-ma can provide an environment.

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