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=It Governance=

Involved People
M.Sc. Philipp Danylak

Publications Belonging to the Area of Research

Stefan Thanheiser, Lei Liu, Hartmut Schmeck
Towards Collaborative Coping with IT Complexity by Combining SOA and Organic Computing
System and Information Sciences Notes, 2, (1), pages 82-87, 2007

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Marco Mevius, Christian Bartsch
Entwicklung eines Qualitätsanforderungsmodells für IT-Dienstleistungsprozesse
In Schmietendorf, A., Dumke, R. R., Proc. BSOA 2008 3. Workshop Bewertungsaspekte serviceorientierter ArchitekturenNovember, 2008

Rainer Schmidt, Christian Bartsch
Ontology-based Modelling of Service Processes and Services
In Guimaraes N., Isaías, P., Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference on Applied Computing 2007, pages: 67-74Februar, 2007

Rainer Schmidt, Christian Bartsch, Roy Oberhauser
Ontology-based representation of compliance requirements for service processes
In Hepp, M., Hinkelmann, K., Karagiannis, D., Klein, R., Stojanovic, N., Proceedings of the Workshop on Semantic Business Process and Product Lifecycle Management (SBPM 2007), held in in conjunction with the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2007), pages: 28-39, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 251, April, 2007

Dirk Neumann, Steffen Lamparter, Björn Schnizler
Automated Bidding for Trading Grid Services
Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS'06), Göteborg, Sweden, Juni, 2006

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