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Ontology Reuse - Is It Feasible?

Veröffentlicht: 2010
Buchtitel: Data Management on the Semantic Web
Verlag: Nova Science Publishers

Efficient ontology reuse is commonly acknowledged to positively influence the large scale dissemination of ontologies and ontology-driven technologies, thus being a key enabler for the interoperability of ontologies and applications using them. The process of ontology reuse comes along with additional effort, which may easily outweigh the expected benefits. But it can, if performed in an efficient way, reduce the costs related to ontology development. The decision whether to develop ontologies from scratch or by reuse is complex and thus should be supported by means to estimate the costs and the benefits coming along with the two engineering strategies in a comparable quantitative way. In order to support economically driven decisions on the reuse of ontologies, this chapter presents an extension of the ONTOCOM model for cost estimation of ontologies for reuse. This model enables predicting the costs for ontology reuse. It presents the benefits of ontology reuse in a monetary value and thus allows making a decision of the ontology engineering strategy to follow based on given application requirements.