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Ontology Evaluation for the Web - PhD proposal

Published: 2006 Juni
Herausgeber: Joerg Diederich and Enrico Motta and Elena Paslaru Bontas
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the KnowledgeWeb PhD Symposium KWEPSY 2006
Erscheinungsort: Budva, Montenegro

Referierte Veröffentlichung


Ontologies are a pillar of the emerging Semantic Web. They capture background knowledge by providing relevant concepts and relations. Their role is to provide intensional knowledge in a machine processable way, and thus enable automatic aggregation and the proactive use of distributed data sources. Ontologies on the Semantic Web will come from a vast variety of different sources, spanning institutions and persons aiming for different quality criteria.

Ontology evaluation is the task of assessing the quality of an ontology. It answers the question: How to measure the quality of an ontology for the web?

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Ontologiemodellierung, Ontology Engineering, Semantic Web