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Supporting Lexical Ontology Learning by Relational Exploration

Published: 2007 Juli
Herausgeber: Uta Priss, Simon Polovina, Richard Hill
Buchtitel: Conceptual Structures: Knowledge Architectures for Smart Applications, Proc. ICCS 2007
Ausgabe: 4604
Reihe: LNAI
Seiten: 488-491
Verlag: Springer
Erscheinungsort: Sheffield, UK
Referierte Veröffentlichung


Designing and refining ontologies becomes a tedious task, once the boundary to real-world-size knowledge bases has been crossed. Hence semi-automatic methods supporting those tasks will determine the future success of ontologies in practice. In this paper we describe a way for ontology creation and refinement by combining techniques from natural language processing (NLP) and formal concept analysis (FCA). We point out how synergy between those two fields can be established thereby overcoming each other's shortcomings.

ISBN: 978-3-540-73680-6
ISSN: 0302-9743
Download: Media:2007_1458_Rudolph_Supporting_Lexi_1.pdf
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