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Iterative Learning of Relation Patterns for Market Analysis with UIMA

Published: 2007 April

Buchtitel: UIMA Workshop at GLDV Frühjahrstagung

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Monitoring news as well as corporate and community websites is a important task in market analysis. Yet, it requires much manual processing and is inherently incomplete as only a small fraction of the data produced on the Web can be processed by human analysts. We present here our ongoing efforts to employ UIMA annotations and search on UIMA-annotated documents for supporting market analysis. Information is extracted based on relation patterns that serve as queries. The results are then visualized to allow detailed market analysis. The current status of the reported work is that we are already implemented most of the required infrastructure (UIMA, Pronto, Omnifind) and started some of the outlined experiments.

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Information Retrieval, Informationsextraktion