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A Rule-Based Language for Complex Event Processing and Reasoning

A Rule-Based Language for Complex Event Processing and Reasoning

Published: 2010 September
Herausgeber: Pascal Hitzler, Thomas Lukasiewicz
Buchtitel: Web Reasoning and Rule Systems - Fourth International Conference
Ausgabe: 6333
Reihe: LNCS
Seiten: 42-57
Verlag: Springer

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Complex Event Processing (CEP) is concerned with timely detection of complex events within multiple streams of atomic occurrences. It has useful applications in areas including financial services, mobile and sensor devices, click stream analysis etc. Numerous approaches in CEP have already been proposed in the literature. Event processing systems with a logic-based representation have attracted considerable attention as (among others reasons) they feature formal semantics and offer reasoning service. However logic-based approaches are not optimized for run-time event recognition (as they are mainly query-driven systems). In this paper, we present an expressive logic-based language for specifying and combining complex events. For this language we provide both a syntax as well as a formal declarative semantics. The language enables efficient run time event recognition and supports deductive reasoning. Execution model of the language is based on a compilation strategy into Prolog. We provide an implementation of the language, and present the performance results showing the competitiveness of our approach.

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Wissensrepräsentation, Logikprogrammierung