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Overview of the Cross-lingual Expert Search (CriES) Pilot Challenge

Philipp SorgPhilipp Cimiano, Antje Schultz, Sergej Sizov

Published: 2010 September

Buchtitel: CLEF (Notebook Papers/LABs/Workshops)
Verlag: unkown
Erscheinungsort: Padua, Italy
Nicht-referierte Veröffentlichung

This paper provides an overview of the cross-lingual expert search pilot challenge as part of the cross-lingual expert search (CriES) workshop collocated with the CLEF 2010 conference. We present a detailed description of the dataset used in the challenge. This dataset is a subset of an official crawl of Yahoo! Answers published in the context of the Yahoo! Webscope program. Further we describe the selection process of the 60 multilingual topics used in the challenge. The Gold Standard for these topics was created by human assessors who evaluated pooled results of submitted runs. We present data showing that the experts relevant for our chosen topics indeed speak different languages. This corroborates the fact that we need to design retrieval systems that build on a cross-lingual notion of relevance for the expert retrieval task. Finally we summarize the results of the four groups that participated in this challenge using standard evaluation measures. Additionally we also analyze the overlap of retrieved experts in the submitted runs.

ISBN: 978-88-904810-0-0
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