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A Knowledge Diversity Dashboard for Wikipedia

Felix Leif KeppmannFabian Flöck, Angelika Adam, Elena Simperl, Delia Rusu, Gerrit Holz, Anselm Metzger

Published: 2012 Juni

Buchtitel: Web Science Conference (WebSci)
Verlag: ACM
Referierte Veröffentlichung

Sustained contributions of numerous authors are the building blocks of Wikipedia, the largest collection of publicly available knowledge. Downsides of the heterogeneous editor community are opinions, sentiments and mistakes of individuals that harm the neutrality of Wikipedia. We present our work in progress on a Knowledge Diversity Dashboard that empowers users to monitor and manage various aspects of diversity, biases, and sentiments in articles and that provides valuable guidance for curing these shortcomings.




Web Science und Wissensmanagement