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Imitation and Quality of Tags in Social Bookmarking Systems – Collective Intelligence Leading to Folksonomies

Fabian Flöck, Johannes Putzke, Sabrina Steinfels, Kai Fischbach, Detlef Schoder

Published: 2011
Herausgeber: T. Bastiaens, U. Baumöl, and B. Krämer
Buchtitel: On Collective Intelligence: Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing
Ausgabe: 76
Seiten: 75-91
Verlag: Springer
Organisation: COLLIN 2010
Referierte Veröffentlichung

Social bookmarking platforms often allow users to see a list of tags that have been used previously for the webpage they are currently bookmarking, and from which they can select. In this paper, the authors analyze the influences of this feature on the tag categorizations resulting from the collaborative tagging effort. The main research goal is to show how the interface design of social bookmarking systems can influence the quality of the collective output of their users. Findings from a joint research project with the largest Russian social bookmarking site BobrDobr.ru suggest that if social bookmarking systems allow users to view the most popular tags, the overall variation of keywords used that are assigned to websites by all users decreases.

Download: Media:Imitation and Quality of Tags in Social Bookmarking Systems Floeck Putzke Steinfels Fischbach Schoder V2.pdf
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DOI Link: 10.1007/978-3-642-14481-3_7