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EQuIKa System: Supporting OWL applications with local closed world assumption

Published: 2013 September

Buchtitel: Informatik 2013
Verlag: GI-Jahrestagung 2013
Organisation: AST Workshop at Informatik 2013
Nicht-referierte Veröffentlichung


One of the major advantages of semantically annotating resources on Web is the facilitation of web services discovery. Languages based on OWL are prune to several problems for web services discovery due to the open-world assumption when handling incomplete information. Thus standard OWL reasoner are usually not suitable for the discovery purposes. The aforementioned problems can easily be fixed by considering some non-monotonic extension of OWL. We present EQuIKa, a tool for discovery web resources annotating semantically based on non-monotonic extension of OWL called autoepistemic description logics (ADL). EQuIKa uses a standard reasoner as a black-box and is available as Prot´eg´e and NeOn Toolkit plugins.

Download: Media:AST13-EQuIKa.pdf