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Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimal Anchor Node Placement to Localize Devices in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network during Building Evacuation

Published: 2013 Juli
Herausgeber: ACM Press
Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 2013 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO '13)
Seiten: 1407-1414
Verlag: ACM
Organisation: GECCO '13

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Using mobile devices to support the evacuation of a building is a relatively new and promising research field. An essential requirement to realize this endeavor is to be able to track the location of the mobile devices. Since GPS is generally not available in buildings, alternative localization methods, i.e. methods to determine the devices’ locations, need to be used. Many of these alternative localization algorithms use a small number of so called anchor nodes which are assumed to know their positions to derive the locations of all other devices in the network. The placement of these anchor nodes is essential to the accuracy of the derived locations and has, so far, been mainly studied for static networks. Mobile networks pose different challenges, especially when used for evacuation support, where devices are simultaneously moved towards the exits of a building. Here, we present an Evolutionary Algorithm in combination with a multi-agent simulation to optimize the placement of anchor nodes in order to localize devices during evacuation. It is shown that the proposed Evolutionary Algorithm is a suitable instrument to find a good placement and some essential criteria for such a placement are identified.

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Evolutionäre Algorithmen, Agentensysteme, Mobile Technologien