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Time-Aware Entity Search in DBpedia

Published: 2015 Mai

Buchtitel: The Semantic Web: ESWC 2015 Satellite Events
Reihe: LNCS
Verlag: Springer
Referierte Veröffentlichung


Searching for entities is a common user activity on the Web. There is an increasing effort in developing entity search techniques in the research community. Existing approaches are usually based on static measures that do not reflect the time-awareness, which is a factor that should be taken into account in entity search. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to time-aware entity search in DBpedia, which takes into account both popularity and temporality of entities. The experimental results show that our approach can significantly improve the performance of entity search with temporal focus compared with the baselines.

Download: Media:Paper eswc2015 zhang.pdf