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Response of Smart Residential Buildings with Energy Management Systems to Price Deviations

Published: 2015

Buchtitel: 2015 IEE Proceedings of the IEEE PES Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Asia (ISGT-Asia)
Verlag: IEEE

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The transition of power grids towards distributed and renewable energy generation leads to challenges with respect to stability and operation of distribution grids that have to be tackled with adequate systems, technologies, and control meth-ods. Therefore, we propose a hierarchical control architecture for distribution grids based on the principles of Organic Computing. This paper evaluates the results of bottom-up simulations that utilize variable tariffs and building energy management systems to facilitate demand response. The building energy management systems are installed in households, which comprise varying numbers of residents and devices, and optimize the buildings’ energy consumptions based on tariffs that are provided by a regional energy management system. The results show that smart residential buildings which react on tariffs with short term price deviations may contribute to power system control of distribution grids but not necessarily.


Grid-controlHelmholtz Storage and Cross-Linked Infrastructures

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Energy Smart Home Lab, Organic Smart Home


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