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Adaptive Semantic Process Modeling Tool

Adaptive Semantic Process Modeling Tool

Published: 2016 September

Buchtitel: Proceedings the 12th International Conference on Semantic Systems, SEMANTICS 2016
Seiten: 4
Verlag: ACM Digital Library

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Processes need to be captured in a structured way in order to analyse them by using computer-assisted methods. This circumstance becomes more important as processes become complex. Business Process Model and Notation appears as de factor standard in industry as process modeling language. However, it has a limit that semantics like e.g input/output parameters, involved persons or references to external data sources are not captured. This circumstance leads to a negligence of important semantic information. Semantic information can be used in process analysis to enhance them and find new insights. In addition are process modeling languages often extended with new elements to adapt its expressiveness to latest scenarios, as well as to model scenarios in specific domains. To address these problems we 1) allow users to define BPMN elements, as well as corre- sponding semantics for them; 2) provide an open-source tool to capture BPMN process models graphically in a Semantic MediaWiki; 3) publish the information according to the Linked Data principles and 4) show that the system is easy extensible to latest process elements.


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