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Considering Human Factors in the Development of Situation-Aware CEP Applications: New Direction Paper

Published: 2017

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 11th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-based Systems, DEBS 2017, Barcelona, Spain, June 19-23, 2017
Seiten: 24-33
Verlag: ACM
Erscheinungsort: New York, NY, USA

Referierte Veröffentlichung


Stream processing has emerged as the major paradigm to tackle the digital information flood. Within stream processing, complex event processing (CEP) represents a pattern-based approach that enables automated situation detection and real-time monitoring. One deficit of CEP applications is the negligence of the evolution of situations, as only two states are differentiated with regard to the occurrence of situations: detected and not detected. This behavior might lead to critical situations due to a decreased comprehensibility for operators. On the other side situation awareness (SAW) is a recognized psychological model describing the characteristics and mechanisms of operators responsible for complex systems. In this paper, we combine the technological method CEP with the human factors identified in SAW to determine the missing links. In order to bridge the gap, this paper presents an extension of the state-of-the-art situation lifecycle to support SAW to its full extent. Furthermore, requirements for situation-aware CEP applications are derived and a methodology to develop such applications is proposed.

ISBN: 978-1-4503-5065-5
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DOI Link: 10.1145/3093742.3093916


Web Science


Big Data, Internet of Things, Complex Event Processing