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Intelligent Structuring and Reducing of Association Rules with Formal Concept Analysis

Published: 2001
Herausgeber: F. Baader. G. Brewker, T. Eiter
Buchtitel: KI 2001: Advances in Artificial Intelligence. Proc. KI 2001
Reihe: LNAI 2174
Seiten: 335-350
Verlag: Springer, Heidelberg

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Association rules are used to investigate large databases. The analyst is usually confronted with large lists of such rules and has to find the most relevant ones for his purpose. Based on results about knowledge representation within the theoretical framework of Formal Concept Anal- ysis, we present relatively small bases for association rules from which all rules can be deduced. We also provide algorithms for their calculation.

Download: Media:2001_484_Stumme_Intelligent_Str_1.ps