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A Framework for the Cooperation Support in Educational e-Business Applications

Published: 2002

Buchtitel: Proc. of the International Coference on e-Business (ICEB2002), May 23-26 2002, Beijing, China
Seiten: 163-169
Verlag: Beijing Institut of Technology Press

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This paper introduces a conceptual framework for cooperation support in educational e-business applications. The main goal of this conceptual framework is to provide a systematical overview for the development and application of cooperation support in educational e-business applications. The foundations of educational e-business applications will be briefly explained at first. With respect to cooperation, the problems in existing approaches will be analyzed. The core elements of this framework, i.e. the different forms of cooperation, the organizational units of cooperation, diverse supporting services and their integration through spatial metaphors will be then described. This work is developed in the context of the project ViKar.




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