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Describing and Integrating Competence Theories for Problem Solving Components and Machine Learning Algorithms

Published: 1996 Mai

Buchtitel: Position Paper Collection of the European Knowledge Acquisition Workshop (EKAW '96), Matlock Bath, U.K., May 14 - 17, 1996

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A topic in the field of knowledge acquisition is the reuse of components that are described at the knowledge level. Problems concern the description, indexing and retrieval of components. In our case there is the additional feature of integrating so-called automated building blocks in a knowledge level description. This paper describes what knowledge level descriptions of components for reuse should look like, and proposes a way to describe assumptions and requirements that are to be made explicit. In the paper an extension of the "normal" knowledge acquisition setting is made in the direction of machine learning components and their description and integration at the knowledge level.

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