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On Modelling Cooperative Retrieval Using an Ontology-based Query Refinement Process

Published: 2004 November

Buchtitel: 23rd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER2004)

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In this paper we present an approach for the interactive refinement of ontology-based queries. The approach is based on generating a lattice of the refinements, that enables a step-by-step tailoring of a query to the current information needs of a user. These needs are implicitly elicited by analysing the user’s behaviour during the searching process. The gap between a user’s need and his query is quantified by measuring several types of query ambiguities, that are used for ranking of the refinements. The main advantage of the approach is a more cooperative support in the refinement process: by exploiting the ontology background, the approach supports finding “similar” results and enables efficient relaxing of failing queries. Regarding an evaluation study, we discuss how a traditional on-line product catalog application can benefit from employing more formal, machine-readable semantics for describing its content, thus integrating such a catalog into the Semantic Web.






Ontology Engineering