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Competence-oriented e-assessment for the graphical modeling domain

Contact: Gunther Schiefer, Meike Ullrich

Project Status: completed


KEA-Mod stands for "Kompetenz-orientiertes E-Assessment für die grafische Modellierung" (Competency-oriented e-assessment for the graphical modeling domain). It is a research project funded by the German BMBF with project partners from other institutions. The overall goal of the project is the development and establishment of an e-assessment platform for the graphical modeling domain to be used in higher education. Current modeling languages from the disciplines of software engineering and information systems which are taken into account are: UML (class and sequence diagrams), EPK, Petri Nets and BPMN.

Involved Persons
Gunther Schiefer, Meike Ullrich, Selina Schüler, Andreas Oberweis, Martin Forell


from: 1 November 2019
until: 31 Dezember 2022
Funding: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)


Universität Duisburg-EssenUniversität PaderbornDeutsches Forschungszentrum für künstliche Intelligenz (Saarbrücken)Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.

Research Group

Business Information Systems

Area of Research

E-learning, Business Process Modeling, Petri Nets

Publications Belonging to the Project
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 - phdthesis
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Michael Striewe, Martin Forell, Constantin Houy, Peter Pfeiffer, Gunther Schiefer, Selina Schüler, Chantal Soyka, Tobias Stottrop, Meike Ullrich, Peter Fettke, Peter Loos, Andreas Oberweis, Niclas Schaper
Kompetenzorientiertes E-Assessment für die grafische, konzeptuelle Modellierung
HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 58, pages 1350–1363, September, 2021

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Meike Ullrich, Martin Forell, Constantin Houy, Peter Pfeiffer, Selina Schüler, Tobias Stottrop, Brian Willems, Peter Fettke, Andreas Oberweis
Platform Architecture for the Diagram Assessment Domain
In Sebastian Götz, Lukas Linsbauer, Ina Schaefer, Andreas Wortmann, Proceedings of the Software Engineering 2021 Satellite Events,, 2814

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