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KAON2 Reasoning for SWRL and Large ABoxes

Contact: n.a.

Project Status: completed


We investigate reasoning methods and systems for supporting semantic search on internet portals. The focus shall be on obtaining a balance between expressive reasoning and scalability for practical purposes. In particular, we will investigate the use of the Web Ontology Language OWL together with rule extensions, based on and the KAON2 system.

Involved Persons
Sebastian Rudolph, Rudi Studer, Pascal Hitzler, Qiu Ji, Guilin Qi, Peter Haase


from: 1 August 2006
until: 28 Februar 2007

Research Group

Web Science

Area of Research

Knowledge Representation And Reasoning, Knowledge Representation Languages, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web, Logic

Publications Belonging to the Project
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Peter Haase, Pascal Hitzler, Qiu Ji, Guilin Qi, Rudi Studer
Scalable Reasoning for Information Access
AIFB, University of KarlsruheKOReA Deliverable, November, 2006

Peter Haase, Pascal Hitzler, Qiu Ji, Guilin Qi, Rudi Studer
Scalable Expressive Reasoning with KAON2
AIFB, University of KarlsruheKOReA Deliverable, Februar, 2007

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