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Publications by [[ Lars Heling]]

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Lars Heling, Maribel Acosta, Maria Maleshkova, York Sure-Vetter
Querying Large Knowledge Graphs over Triple Pattern Fragments: An Empirical Study
Proceedings of the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), Springer, LNCS, Oktober, 2018

Marlon Braun, Lars Heling, Pradyumn Kumar Shukla, Hartmut Schmeck
Multimodal scalarized preferences in multi-objective optimization
GECCO '17 Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, pages: 545-552, ACM, Berlin, Juli, 2017

Sebastian R. Bader, Tobias Käfer, Lars Heling, Raphael Manke, Andreas Harth
Exposing Internet of Things Devices via REST and Linked Data Interfaces
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop Semantic Web Technologies for the Internet of Things, CEUR-WS, Oktober, 2017

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Lars Heling, Maribel Acosta
teepee - A Triple Pattern Fragment Profiler Visualization Tool
International Semantic Web Conference (Posters & Demos) 2018, Oktober, 2018

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