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Offers for Final Theses (Bachelor / Master) - Critical Information Infrastructures (CII)

For general questions regarding final theses or topic proposals please contact Scott Thiebes

Blockchain: Blockchain for Open Science
Supervisor: Benjamin Sturm

Blockchain: Distributed Ledger Technology in Supply Chain Management
Supervisor: Niclas Kannengießer

Blockchain: Interoperability of Distributed Ledger Technology
Supervisor: Niclas Kannengießer

Blockchain: Patient-Centered Blockchains
Supervisor: Tobias Dehling

Blockchain: Quality of Distributed Ledger Technology Designs
Supervisor: Niclas Kannengießer

Digital Health: Development of a Frontend for the Comparison of Genomic Cloud Services
Supervisor: Scott Thiebes

Digital Health: Innovative Information Provision Tools in eHealth
Supervisor: Tobias Dehling

Gamification: Analyzing the Gamification Collaboration Network
Supervisor: Manuel Schmidt-Kraepelin

Gamification: Gamification of Research Experiments to Improve Participation Rates in Research Projects
Supervisor: Tobias Dehling

ISR: Information Systems Theory
Supervisor: Tobias Dehling

IT-Certification: Traditional vs. Dynamic Certification - Is there really a difference?
Supervisor: Sebastian Lins, Heiner Teigeler

IT-Certification: Understanding IT-Certification Effectivness
Supervisor: Sebastian Lins

IT-Certifications: The role of IT certificates and standards in organisational practices
Supervisor: Theresa Kromat

Internet Technologies: Objective information retrieval and information literacy
Supervisor: Heiner Teigeler

Privacy: Information Privacy in Consumer Information Systems
Supervisor: Tobias Dehling