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Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Knowledge Graphs on the Web

Information on the Thesis

Type of Final Thesis: Master
Supervisor: Christoph Braun
Research Group: Web Science

Archive Number: 4.883
Status of Thesis: Open

Further Information

The Solid project ( aims to enable the secure sharing of data while ensuring data sovereignty by developing decentralized web technologies.

The goal is to give the user more control and to make the web more decentralized again. The Solid protocol combines proven web technologies such as the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and RESTful HTTPS APIs and a customized variant of Open ID Connect: Users store data in "personal online data storages" (pods) and define access control to their resources themselves at will.

In the area of "Self-Sovereign Identity" (SSI), digital identities are being explored which are completely under the control of users and are managed in a decentralized manner. Here, so-called Verifiable Credentials (VCs), digitally signed documents that certify users certain properties of their identity, such as their date of birth or student status, are a fundamental component. The data model of the VCs is also based on RDF, so VCs are basically digitally signed knowledge graphs.

The idea:

  • A resource is to be accessible only to users of legal age.
  • Users want to prove that they are of age without having to disclose their date of birth.

This is where "Zero-Knowledge Proofs" (ZKPs) come into play. ZKPs are protocols between a prover and a verifier, where the prover tries to convince the verifier that a certain statement is true, while not revealing any information other than the truth of the statement itself. In our example, users prove to the resource provider that they are of age without revealing their date of birth. One possible type of ZKPs are "bulletproofs."

In this thesis, you will practically explore how ZKPs can be applied to prove VC-asserted properties without disclosing them.

If you are interested, feel free to shot an email with your current transcript of records and your resume, as well as a short paragraph about your previous experience and motivation.