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Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Tobias Käfer

Research Associate
Phone: +49 721 608 4 6558
Email: tobias kaefer∂kit edu

Research Group: Web Science
Room: 5A-10 (Building: 05.20)


My research is centered around dynamic aspects of the Semantic Web. I investigate formal approaches to describe the dynamics of Linked Data. The aim is to find a basis to specify computation with the state distributed as Linked Data. With this basis at hand, we can specify simple web agents, also called intelligent clients, which can automate things for you on the web. I look into workflow languages to specify behaviour in a more user-friendly fashion. On the experimental side of my work, I investigate the dynamics of Linked Data on the Web using analytics techniques to find out whether my formal ideas can ever work in practice.

Find me on Github, where I publish Read-Write Linked Data (REST + Linked Data) intefaces to systems, IoT sensors and actuators, and services.


Active Projects