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Dr. Uta Lösch

Former Member

Former: Research Associate

Research group: Web Science

My research interests are mainly in the use of semantic data for the improvement of ontologies. The contributions of my work lie in two areas:

On the one hand, I am developing methods for learning from semantic data. The knowledge extracted using these methods can then be used for ontology completion. In this area I am especially focusing on the development of suitable kernel functions for RDF data.

On the other hand I am interested in the problem of integrating new knowledge in ontologies. Here, the focus is on the development of methods for automatically adapting ontologies in the case of recurring changes.



Research area
Maschinelles LernenOntologiemanagementOntologiemodellierungGraphentheorieKnowledge DiscoveryData Mining

KIT Functions and Competence Field

Algorithm, Software and System Engineering
Communication Technology
Organisation and Service Engineering