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Virtual University in the Upper Rhine Region

Contact: n.a.


Project Status: completed


The aim of the Project VIROR is the creation of a multimedia education program in various fields, to make it possible to study at four universities at the same time. This project is financed by the state of Baden-W³rttemberg as well as by the sponsor Sun who are promoting and further developing these new technological possibilities.

Involved Persons
Detlef Seese, Wolffried Stucky, Roland Küstermann, Müge Klein, Daniel Merkle, Daniel Sommer, Hartmut Schmeck, Dietmar Ratz


from: 1 Juli 1998
until: 30 Juni 2003


Land BW

Research Group

Business Information Systems, Efficient Algorithms, Complexity Management

Area of Research

Virtual University, Multimedia Systems, E-learning, Teleteaching

Publications Belonging to the Project
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 - booklet
 - proceedings
 - phdthesis
 - techreport
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 - manual
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 - unpublished

Müge Klein, Daniel Sommer, Wolffried Stucky
Learning Virtual Collaboration in Teleseminars
Proceedings of Networked Learning 2002. Berlin, 01.-04.05.2002., ICSC-NAISO Academic Press

Müge Klein, Daniel Sommer, Wolffried Stucky
Blended Learning in der Hochschule
In Sigrid Schubert, Bernd Reusch, Norbert Jesse, Tagungsband der GI-Jahrestagung 2002. Dortmund, 1. - 3. Oktober 2002, pages: 270-274, Köllen Verlag, GI-Edition - Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), P-19

Roland Küstermann, Dietmar Ratz, Detlef Seese
Java Web Course - An Application Of ILIAS
In Wolfgang Leidhold, Matthias Kunkel, International ILIAS Conference – Proceedings 2002/2003, pages: 69 - 75, Wolfgang Leidhold, Matthias Kunkel, September, 2003

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Roland Küstermann, Dietmar Ratz, Detlef Seese, Peter Thiemann
Java-Start: ein "pflegeleichter" Webkurs
In Kandzia, Paul-Thomas and Ottmann, Thomas, E-Learning fuer die Hochschule - Erfolgreiche Ansätze fuer ein flexibleres Studium, pages 101-117, Waxmann, Juni, 2003

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