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Publikationen des Instituts AIFB im Jahr 2014















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Benedikt Boecking, Stephan K. Chalup, Detlef Seese, Aaron S.W. Wong
Support vector clustering of time series data with alignment kernels
Pattern Recognition Letters, 45, Seiten 129-135, August, 2014

Christoph Goebel, Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Victor Razo, Christoph Doblander, Jose Rivera, Jens Ilg, Christoph Flath, Hartmut Schmeck, Christoph Weinhardt, Daniel Pathmaperuma, Hans-Jürgen Appelrath, Michael Sonnenschein, Sebastian Lehnhoff, Oliver Kramer, Thorsten Staake, Elgar Fleisch, Dirk Neumann, Jens Strüker, Koray Erek, Rüdiger Zarnekow, Holger Ziekow, Jörg Lässig
Energy Informatics
Business & Information Systems Engineering, 6, (1), Seiten 25-31, Februar, 2014

Agnes Koschmider, Michael Fellmann, Andreas Schoknecht, Andreas Oberweis
Analysis of Process Model Reuse: Where Are We Now, Where Should We Go From Here?
Decision Support Systems, 2014

Agnes Koschmider
Developing sociotechnical systems with special focus on quality
it - Information Technology, 56, (5), Seiten 259–262, Oktober, 2014

Martin Kreidler
Weniger ist mehr: Gastkommentar über die Komplexität von Standardsoftware
Samsung Business Life, Seiten 24-25, März, 2014

Martin Kreidler, Jürgen Westenfelder
Die richtige Wahl treffen: Die Auswahl einer Standardsoftware für einen kleinen Versicherungsverein
Versicherungswirtschaft, Seiten 71, April, 2014

Jonas Lehner, Andreas Oberweis, Gunther Schiefer
Kontextabhängige 3-Faktor-Authentifizierung für den mobilen Zugriff auf Unternehmensanwendungen
HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 51, (1), Seiten 64-74, Februar, 2014

Michael Menzel, Rajiv Ranjan, Lizhe Wang, Samee U. Khan, Jinjun Chen
CloudGenius: A Hybrid Decision SupportMethod for Automating the Migration of WebApplication Clusters to Public Clouds
Transactions on Computers, (99), Mai, 2014

Sabrina Merkel, Sanaz Mostaghim, Hartmut Schmeck
Hop count based distance estimation in mobile ad hoc networks – Challenges and consequences
Ad Hoc Networks, 15, Seiten 39-52, April, 2014

Marc Mültin, Hartmut Schmeck
Plug-and-Charge and E-Roaming - Capabilities of the ISO/IEC 15118 For The E-Mobility Scenario
at - Automatisierungstechnik, Band 62, (Heft 4), Seiten 241-248, März, 2014

Duc Thanh Tran, Lei Zhang
Keyword Query Routing
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 26, (2), Seiten 363-375, Februar, 2014

Erik Wittern, Christian Zirpins
Service Feature Modeling - Modeling and Participatory Ranking of Service Design Alternatives
Software and Systems Modeling, 2014

Lei Zhang, Achim Rettinger
X-LiSA: Cross-lingual Semantic Annotation
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB), the 40th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases (VLDB), 7, (13), Seiten 1693-1696, September, 2014

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Florian Allerding, Ingo Mauser, Hartmut Schmeck
Customizable Energy Management in Smart Buildings using Evolutionary Algorithms
Applications of Evolutionary Computation: 16th European Conference, EvoApplications 2013, Granada, Spain, April 2014, Proceedings, Springer, April, 2014

David Bermbach, Stefan Tai
Benchmarking Eventual Consistency: Lessons Learned from Long-Term Experimental Studies
Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), IEEE

Xavier Carreras, Lluís Padró, Lei Zhang, Achim Rettinger, Zhixing Li, Esteban García-Cuesta, Željko Agić, Bozo Bekavac, Blaz Fortuna, Tadej Štajner
XLike Project Language Analysis Services
Proceedings of the Demonstrations at the 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL 2014), Seiten: 9-12, Association for Computational Linguistics, April, 2014

Basil Ell, Andreas Harth
A language-independent method for the extraction of RDF verbalization templates
INLG2014 - 8th International Natural Language Generation Conference, The Association for Computer Linguistics, Juni, 2014

Basil Ell, Andreas Harth, Elena Simperl
SPARQL Query Verbalization for Explaining Semantic Search Engine Queries
Proceedings of the 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC '14), Seiten: 426-441, Springer, LNCS, Heidelberg

Sven Euting, Christian Janiesch, Robin Fischer, Stefan Tai, Ingo Weber
Scalable Business Process Execution in the Cloud
In IEEE, Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), Seiten: 175-184, IEEE, Boston, MA, März, 2014

Michael Fellmann, Agnes Koschmider, Andreas Schoknecht
Analysis of Process Model Reuse Literature: Are Research Concepts Empirically Validated?
Modellierung 2014, GI, März, 2014

Robin Fischer, Christian Janiesch
A Method for the Classification of Emerging Technology Standards: The Case of Cloud Computing
In AIS, Proceedings of the 22nd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Seiten: 1-10, AIS, Tel Aviv, Juni, 2014

Fabian Flöck, Maribel Acosta
WikiWho: Precise and Efficient Attribution of Authorship of Revisioned Content
Proceedings of the 23rd international conference on World Wide Web, ACM, April, 2014

Michael Färber, Lei Zhang, Achim Rettinger
Kuphi - An Investigation Tool for Searching for and via Semantic Relations
The Semantic Web: ESWC 2014 Satellite Events, Springer, LNCS, Heidelberg, Mai, 2014

Daniel Garijo, Yolanda Gil, Andreas Harth
User Requirements for Geospatial Provenance
Proceedings of the 2014 Provenance Analytics Workshop, IPAW, Juni, 2014

Daniel Garijo, Yolanda Gil, Andreas Harth
Challenges in Modeling Geospatial Provenance
Proceedings of the Fifth International Provenance and Annotation Workshop (IPAW), IPAW, Juni, 2014

Christian Gitte, Nicolas Renkamp, Hartmut Schmeck
Investigation of Data Exchange Processes for Electricity Supplier Change in German Smart Grid Scenarios
Smarter Europe 2014, E-World Energy & Water 2014, Seiten: 6, BDEW, Essen, Februar, 2014

Andreas Harth, Sebastian Speiser
Scripting Problem-solving Agents in Decentralised Smart Grids
W3C Workshop on the Web of Things, W3C, Juni, 2014

Christian Hirsch, Lucas Friedrich, Hartmut Schmeck
Kurzfristige Lastprognose von Einzelhaushalten
VDE Kongress 2014: Smart Cities, VDE Verlag GmbH, Berlin, Offenbach, Oktober, 2014

Christian Janiesch, Ingo Weber, Michael Menzel, Jörn Kuhlenkamp
Optimizing the Performance of Automated Business Processes Executed on Virtualized Infrastructure
In IEEE, Proceedings of the 47th Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Seiten: 3818-3826, IEEE, Waikoloa, HI, Januar, 2014

Gregory Katsaros, Michael Menzel, Alexander Lenk, Ryan Skipp, Jannis Rake-Revelant, Jacob Eberhardt
Cloud application portability with TOSCA, Chef and Openstack
Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), IEEE

Felix Leif Keppmann, Steffen Stadtmüller
Semantic RESTful APIs for Dynamic Data Sources
Proceedings of the ESWC 2014 Workshop on Services and Applications over Linked APIs and Data, CEUR-WS

Agnes Koschmider, Andreas Oberweis, Andreas Schoknecht, Meike Ullrich
Towards an Open Process Model Repository for Evaluations in Business Process Management Research
Free Models Initiative 2014 - Workshop at „Modellierung 2014“https://www.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/giese/gforge/fmi14/

Benedikt Kämpgen, Tobias Weller, Sean O'Riain, Craig Weber, Andreas Harth
Accepting the XBRL Challenge with Linked Data for Financial Data Integration
ESWC 2014 In-Use Track, Springer, Mai, 2014

Benedikt Kämpgen, Steffen Stadtmüller, Andreas Harth
Querying the Global Cube: Integration of Multidimensional Datasets from the Web
EKAW 2014, Seiten: 250-265, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland

Benedikt Kämpgen, Andreas Harth
OLAP4LD - A Framework for Building Analysis Applications over Governmental Statistics
ESWC 2014 Posters & Demo session, Springer, Mai, 2014

Benedikt Kämpgen, David Riepl, Jochen Klinger
SMART Research using Linked Data - Sharing Research Data for Integrated Water Resources Management in the Lower Jordan Valley
SePublica Workshop 2014, CEUR-WS, Mai, 2014

Alexander Lenk, Gregory Katsaros, Michael Menzel, Jannis Rake-Revelant, Ryan Skipp, Enrique Castro-Leon, Gopan V P
TIOSA: Testing VM Interoperability at an OS and Application Level - A hypervisor testing method and interoperability survey
Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), IEEE, Boston

Alexander Lenk, Stefan Tai
Cloud Standby: Disaster Recovery of Distributed Systems in the Cloud
Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing, Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Berlin Heidelberg, September, 2014

Steffen Müller, David Bermbach, Stefan Tai, Frank Pallas
Benchmarking the Performance Impact of Transport Layer Security in Cloud Database Systems
In IEEE, Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E), IEEE, IEEE, Boston, MA, März, 2014

Achim Rettinger, Lei Zhang, Daša Berović, Danijela Merkler, Matea Srebačić, Marko Tadić
RECSA: Resource for Evaluating Cross-lingual Semantic Annotation
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14), Seiten: 4000-4003, European Language Resources Association (ELRA), Mai, 2014

Fabian Rigoll, Christian Gitte, Hartmut Schmeck
Data Life Cycles in Future Residential Multi-Commodity Energy Management Systems
In IEEE, Great Lakes Symposium on Smart Grid and the New Energy Economy, IEEE Explorer, Chicago, September, 2014

Pradyumn Kumar Shukla, Marlon Braun, Hartmut Schmeck
On the Interrelationships Between Knees and Aggregate Objective Functions
GECCO 2014, ACM, in press

Philipp Singer, Fabian Flöck, Clemens Meinhart, Elias Zeitfogel, Markus Strohmaier
Evolution of Reddit: From the Front Page of the Internet to a Self-referential Community?
Proceedings of the 23rd international conference on World Wide Web companion, ACM, April, 2014

Andreas Thalhammer, Achim Rettinger
Browsing DBpedia Entities with Summaries
In Valentina Presutti, Eva Blomqvist, Raphael Troncy, Harald Sack, Ioannis Papadakis, Anna Tordai, The Semantic Web: ESWC 2014 Satellite Events, Seiten: 511-515, Springer, LNCS, Heidelberg, Oktober, 2014

Andreas Wagner, Veli Bicer, Thanh Tran, Rudi Studer
Holistic and Compact Selectivity Estimation for Hybrid Queries over RDF Graphs
In Peter Mika, Tania Tudorache, Abraham Bernstein, Chris Welty, Craig Knoblock, Denny Vrandečić, Paul Groth, Natasha Noy, Krysztof Janowicz, Carole Goble, Proceedings of the 13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2014) Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy, Part 2, Seiten: 97-113, Springer, Lecture Notes on Computer Science, Oktober, 2014

Andreas Wagner, Veli Bicer, Duc Thanh Tran
Pay-as-you-go Approximate Join Top-k Processing for the Web of Data
Proceedings of the Extended Semantic Web Conference, Springer, Mai, 2014

Andreas Wagner, Peter Haase, Achim Rettinger, Holger Lamm
Entity-based Data Source Contextualization for Searching the Web of Data
First International Workshop on Dataset PROFIling & fEderated Search for Linked Data (PROFILES), co-located with the 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference,, Springer, Mai, 2014

Erik Wittern, Jim Laredo, Maja Vukovic, Vinod Muthusamy, Aleksander Slominski
A Graph-based Data Model for API Ecosystem Insights
Proceedings of the 21 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), IEEE Computer Society, Juni, 2014

Lei Zhang, Michael Färber, Achim Rettinger
xLiD-Lexica: Cross-lingual Linked Data Lexica
Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14), Seiten: 2101-2105, European Language Resources Association (ELRA), Mai, 2014

Lei Zhang, Michael Färber, Thanh Tran, Achim Rettinger
Exploiting Semantic Annotations for Entity-based Information Retrieval
Proceedings of the ISWC 2014 Posters & Demonstrations Track, CEUR-WS, Oktober, 2014

Lei Zhang, Achim Rettinger
Semantic Annotation, Analysis and Comparison: A Multilingual and Cross-lingual Text Analytics Toolkit
Proceedings of the Demonstrations at the 14th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL 2014), Seiten: 13-16, Association for Computational Linguistics, April, 2014

Lei Zhang, Achim Rettinger, Steffen Thoma
Bridging the Gap between Cross-lingual NLP and DBpedia by Exploiting Wikipedia
Proceedings of the NLP&DBpedia workshop co-located with the 13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2014), CEUR-WS, Oktober, 2014

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Andreas Harth, Katja Hose, Ralf Schenkel
Linked Data Management
Chapman and Hall/CRC, Emerging Directions in Database Systems and Applications, Mai, 2014

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Sebastian Speiser, Martin Junghans, Armin Haller
Linked Data Services
In Andreas Harth, Katja Hose, Ralf Schenkel, Linked Data Management: Principles and Techniques, Kap. Linked Data Services, Chapman and Hall/CRC, Emerging Directions in Database Systems and Applications, Mai, 2014

Anna Stisser, Anne Hild, Basil Ell, Christoph Schindler
Neue Forschungswerkzeuge in der Historischen Bildungsforschung. Die virtuelle Forschungsumgebung SMW-CorA für die kollaborative Analyse und Auswertung umfangreicher digitalisierter Quellen
In Jahrbuch für Historische Bildungsforschung 2013, Seiten 305-325, Julius Klinkhardt, Vol.Band 19 Avantgarden, Bad Heilbrunn, 2014

Stefan Tai, David Bermbach
Cloud Computing
In Reda Alhajj, Jon Rokne, Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining, Springer, September, 2014

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Wagner Andreas Josef
Rank-aware, Approximate Query Processing on the Semantic Web
Rudi Studer; Wolfgang Nejdl, 2014/06/11, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

David Bermbach
Benchmarking Eventually Consistent Distributed Storage Systems
Stefan Tai; Hans-Arno Jacobsen, 2014/02/10, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Eugenie Giesbrecht
Distributional Tensor Space Model of Natural Language Semantics
Rudi Studer, Sebastian Rudolph, 2014/02/28, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Julia Hoxha
Cross-domain Recommendations based on semantically-enhanced User Web Behavior
Rudi Studer, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, 2014/05/23, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Yongtao Ma
Effective Instance Matching for Heterogeneous Structured Data
Rudi Studer; Chris Bizer, 2014/06/05, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Sabrina Merkel
Building Evacuation with Mobile Devices
Hartmut Schmeck, Andreas Oberweis, 2014/02/28, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Carolin Mund
Identification of Emerging Scientific Topics in Bibliometric Databases
Rudi Studer; Ulrich Schmoch, 2014/07/18, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Marc Mültin
Das Elektrofahrzeug als flexibler Verbraucher und Energiespeicher im Smart Home
Hartmut Schmeck; Hansjörg Fromm, 2014/07/18, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Roland Stühmer
Web-oriented Event Processing
Rudi Studer; Opher Etzion, 2014/07/17, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

John Erik Wittern
Modeling and Selection of Software Service Variants
Stefan Tai; Stefan Jähnichen, 2014/05/14, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Yongchun Xu
Efficient Context-aware Real-time Processing of Personal Data
Rudi Studer; Thomas Setzer, 2014/07/24, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Anees ul Mehdi
Epistemic Reasoning in OWL 2 DL
Rudi Studer, Sebastian Rudolph, 2014/02/13, KIT, Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften

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Sabrina Merkel, Alexander Kesseler, Hartmut Schmeck
Dynamic Multi-Objective Evacuation Path Planning in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Institut AIFB, Archiv Nummer: 3044 Karlsruhe, Technical Report, Januar, 2014

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Tobias Käfer, Martin Junghans, Vincent Hourdin, Steffen Stadtmüller, René Schubotz, Andreas Harth, Thomas Convard
D1.41 Formats and Interfaces
Institut AIFB, KIT, Karlsruhe, i-VISION deliverable, Mai, 2014

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Gregory Katsaros, Alexander Lenk, Michael Menzel, Ryan Skipp, Jannis Rake-Revelant
Open Datacenter Alliance: Service Orchestration with TOSCA White Paper
ODCA Whitepaper, Januar, 2014

Jenny Wetzig
Agile Readiness Checker
Dezember, 2014

Jenny Wetzig, Stefanie Betz
Agile Readiness Checker
Dezember, 2014

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