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Obtaining Optimal Pareto Front Approximations using Scalarized Preference Information

Informationen zum Vortrag

Datum: 13. Juli 2015
Titel: Obtaining Optimal Pareto Front Approximations using Scalarized Preference Information
Referent: Marlon Braun

Name: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2015
Ort: Madrid
Veranstalter: SIGEVO
Land: Spanien

Forschungsgruppe: Effiziente Algorithmen

Scalarization techniques are a popular method for articulating preferences in solving multi-objective optimization problems. These techniques, however, have so far proven to be ill-suited in finding a preference-driven approximation that still captures the Pareto front in its entirety. Therefore, we propose a new concept that defines an optimal distribution of points on the front given a specific scalarization function. It is proven that such an approximation exists for every real-valued problem irrespective of the shape of the corresponding front under some very mild conditions. We also show that our approach works well in obtaining an equidistant approximation of the Pareto front if no specific preference is articulated. Our analysis is complemented by the presentation of a new algorithm that implements the aforementioned concept. We provide in-depth simulation results to demonstrate the performance of our algorithm. The analysis also reveals that our algorithm is able to outperform current state-of-the-art algorithms on many popular benchmark problems.