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Vortrag auf der Blockchain for Science Con 2018 in Berlin/en

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Talk at the Blockchain for Science Con 2018 in Berlin


On November 5th, Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev will give a talk at this year's Blockchain for Science Con 2018 on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and its fields of application.

During the talk he will present fundamental characteristics and functionality of DLT using the concept of blockchain as an example. He will illustrate the concept of blockchain by providing an overview on the principles of the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Prof. Dr. Sunyaev will also explain the role of decentralization in current evolvements and opportunities of DLT in Open Science applications.

The Blockchain on Science Con 2018 takes place from 05.-06. of November 2018 in Berlin. The emphasis of the conference is on the application of DLT on Open Science, Research and Knowledge Creation.

For more information regarding Blockchain on Science Con 2018 visit: https://www.blockchainforsciencecon.com

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