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Walking the Complexity Lines for Generalized Guarded Existential Rules

Walking the Complexity Lines for Generalized Guarded Existential Rules

Published: 2011 Juli

Buchtitel: Proceedings of the 22nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Verlag: IJCAI 2011

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We establish complexities of the conjunctive query entailment problem for classes of existential rules (also called Tuple-Generating Dependencies or Datalog+/- rules). Our contribution is twofold. First, we introduce the class of greedy bounded treewidth sets (gbts) of rules, which covers guarded rules, and their known generalizations, namely (weakly) frontier-guarded rules. We provide a generic algorithm for query entailment with gbts, which is worst-case optimal for combined complexity with bounded predicate arity, as well as for data complexity. Secondly, we classify several gbts classes, whose complexity was unknown, namely frontier-one, frontier-guarded and weakly frontier-guarded rules, with respect to combined complexity (with both unbounded and bounded predicate arity) and data complexity.






Komplexitätstheorie, Logik, Logikprogrammierung