Lehre/Projektpraktikum Praktikum Coding da Vinci - Cultural Heritage Hackathon

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Praktikum Praktikum Coding da Vinci - Cultural Heritage Hackathon

Details zur Lehrveranstaltung
Dozent(en) Harald SackTabea TietzOleksandra Bruns
Übungsleiter Tabea TietzOleksandra Bruns
Fach (Gebiet)
Leistungspunkte 4,5 ECTS
Erfolgskontrolle Vortrag, Seminararbeit
Semester SS

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Cultural heritage includes tangible and intangible heritage assets inherited from past generations. Cultural heritage data are usually stored in galleries, museums, archives and libraries (GLAM institutions) and in recent years, efforts by culture domain experts and computer scientists have begun to make this data more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable by the general public, but also by researchers in the domains of history, social science, etc. This seminar follows up on these efforts by having student groups participate in the official Coding da Vinci culture hackathon with guidance and coaching by the course tutors. The culture hackathon Coding da Vinci has brought together the cultural sector with creative technology communities to explore the creative potential of digital cultural heritage. Over a sprint of seven weeks the hackathon teams, together with representatives of cultural institutions, develop working prototypes that show surprising and inspiring new ways to make use of institutions' collections and artifacts in the digital age. As part of this “Projektpraktikum”, the students will take part in the official hackathon “Coding da Vinci Baden-Württemberg”. They will form groups and implement their own interesting culture project by using the dataset(s) provided by Coding da Vinci. The goal is to create a project that is useful for the culture community and helps to explore and experience cultural heritage data in an interesting, innovative and fun way. This “Projektpraktikum” is furthermore a chance to network with the community of culture enthusiasts and developers while creating a working application that adds value to the community. The groups will present their work at the official Codings da Vinci kick-off event and the award ceremony.