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  • M.Sc. Albert Lee

  • FZI-Mitarbeiter
  • Mobile: +4917662093682
  • Email: lee∂fzi de

Hello, my name is Albert Lee. I have studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies from 2012 to 2018 at Technical University München (TUM), both Bachelor and Master with the focus on Autonomous and Human-Machine-Interaction. Since January 2022 I am part of research team at Forschungszentrum Informatik, Technical Cognitive Systems (TKS) department and a PhD student at AIFB. My current research topics are infrastructure-assisted autonomous driving, perception through heterogeneous sensor data fusion and VRU privacy protection.

If interested in Bachelor, Master Thesis or a HIWI job in these research fields, feel free to contact me with your CV for a discussion round.

Open Bachelor/Master Theses and Hiwi Positions

More detailed information follows soon.

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