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Effective algorithm for parameter back calculation - Geotechnical applications

Effective algorithm for parameter back calculation - Geotechnical applications

Veröffentlicht: 2009 August
Erscheinungsort: Berlin
Journal: Bautechnik
Nummer: S1Der Datenwert „S“ kann einem Attribut des Datentyps Zahl nicht zugeordnet werden sondern bspw. der Datenwert „1“.
Seiten: 86-97
Verlag: Ernst & Sohn Verlag für Architektur und technische Wissenschaften GmbH & Co. KG
Volume: 86
Bemerkung: Special issue: Geotechnical Engineering

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When working with numerical models, it is essential to determine model parameters which are as realistic as possible. Optimization techniques are being employed more and more frequently for solving this task. However, using these methods may lead to very high time costs - in particular, if rather complicated forward calculations are involved. In this paper, we present a class of methods that allows estimating the solution of this kind of optimization problems based on relatively few sampling points. We put very weak constraints on the sampling point distribution; hence, they may be taken from previous forward calculations as well as from alternative sources.Starting from an introduction into the theoretical approach, a strategy for speeding up inverse optimization problems is introduced which is illustrated by an example from geomechanics.

ISSN: 0038-9145
Weitere Informationen unter: Link
DOI Link: 10.1002/bate.200910045


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