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A Broad View on Robot Self-Defense: Rapid Scoping Review and Cultural Comparison

A Broad View on Robot Self-Defense: Rapid Scoping Review and Cultural Comparison

Veröffentlicht: 2023 März
Erscheinungsort: Basel, Switzerland
Journal: Robotics 2023: Social Robots for the Human Wellbeing
Nummer: 12
Seiten: 43
Verlag: MDPI
Volume: 2

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Tags:robot self-defense; robot ethics; robot violence; robot crime; technological acceptance; dark side of human–robot interaction (HRI)

With power comes responsibility: as robots become more advanced and prevalent, the role they will play in human society becomes increasingly important. Given that violence is an important problem, the question emerges if robots could defend people, even if doing so might cause harm to someone. The current study explores the broad context of how people perceive the acceptability of such robot self-defense (RSD) in terms of (1) theory, via a rapid scoping review, and (2) public opinion in two countries. As a result, we summarize and discuss: increasing usage of robots capable of wielding force by law enforcement and military, negativity toward robots, ethics and legal questions (including differences to the well-known trolley problem), control in the presence of potential failures, and practical capabilities that such robots might require. Furthermore, a survey was conducted, indicating that participants accepted the idea of RSD, with some cultural differences. We believe that, while substantial obstacles will need to be overcome to realize RSD, society stands to gain from exploring its possibilities over the longer term, toward supporting human well-being in difficult times.

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DOI Link: 10.3390/robotics12020043


Cooperative Autonomous Systems