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A Workshop Report: Mining for and from the Semantic Web at KDD 2004

Veröffentlicht: 2004 Dezember

Journal: ACM SIGKDD Explorations
Nummer: 2
Seiten: 142-143

Volume: 6

Nicht-referierte Veröffentlichung


The international workshop on Mining for and from the Semantic Web (MSW) at the KDD 2004 successfully brought together people from the communities Semantic Web and Knowledge Discovery. The goal of the workshop was to strengthen the communication and interaction between these communities as there is currently an agreement that both can benefit largely from each other. Overall the contributions and discussions showed that today mining for the semantic web is the primarily targeted research area. However, with a growing amount of available semantic web data also mining from the semantic web will be more prominent.

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Web Science und Wissensmanagement


Text Mining, Data Mining, Semantic Web